Duct Replacement Services In Austin Texas

Over time the duct system in your home will require some replacement or maintenance. At AIES Insulation we are always available to come to your home and assess your duct system to determine if repair or replacement is the best option.

The duct system in your home is important as it directs hot or cold air from your HVAC equipment to each space in your home, providing you with the right temperature. Unfortunately, conduits are not foolproof. Sometimes these present problems. This is why approximately 25% to 35% of the air in a house can escape through the ducts.

Is it necessary to replace all the ducts at once?

It depends on the problem in your duct system. If there are only a few sections of the ductwork that require repair, a complete replacement may not be necessary. Now, if the duct has sustained too much damage or isn’t the right size, it may need to be replaced entirely. The replacement will ensure that your ductwork is as efficient as possible, with no leaks present in the system, the system is optimized, improving air or heating performance per cycle. You will reduce energy consumption costs in the long term. Our technicians can help you determine what type of work your ducts need, give us a call!

Duct Replacemet Before/After

Call the heating and air conditioning experts at AIES Insulation if you notice that your electrical energy consumption is increasing or if the times per cycle of your HVAC equipment are extended.

Duct Test in Austin Texas

The HVAC system in any home is designed to filter the air and keep it inside the home or building, freeing it from outside contaminants that could enter your living space. Harmful contaminants could enter your air ducts affecting the health and comfort of people in the environment. For this reason leak testing of air ducts is important.

The only way to measure the effectiveness threshold of your HVAC system is to use special equipment to perform a pressurized test and see if you are leaking air through the holes in the ducts.

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