Duct Sealing Services

Air duct sealant services are an underappreciated way to get a more comfortable home, while reducing your energy costs and protecting your valuable HVAC equipment.

Maybe you’ve noticed that your home has a series of metal ducts that carry your furnace’s hot air through your home. In over 90 percent of homes in USA, these ducts have holes where some of that precious hot air escapes. This increases your heating bills and causes other problems. Sealing up these leaky air ducts can benefit you for the long term.


After you air ducts are sealed you’ll benefit from:

  • A more comfortable home: Your home will be a more consistent temperature.
  • Energy-efficiency: Your furnace and air conditioner won’t have to work as hard to reach the temperature you set, so they’ll use less energy.
  • Reduced heating bills: You’ll save on your gas or electrical bill, as your HVAC system demands less energy.

Less wear on your furnace: Your furnace and central air conditioner won’t be under as much stress, which helps them avoid repairs longer.
Better air quality: Sealed ducts also prevent the movement of dust through your home, so you can enjoy cleaner air.

Energy Saver!

Homeowners are always looking for ways to lower the cost of their energy bills. At AIES we have an easy way to reduce your heating and cooling budget by up to 30 percent? Duct sealing benefits and preserves the quality of life in your home – the savings are only part of the benefits!

Improved comfort at home

Sometimes it is difficult for the heating and cooling systems in the home to maintain a stable climate, since there can be air leaks in the ducts. Some of the heating or air conditioning escapes before reaching its intended destination. Causing your rooms to fall short of expected temperatures and causing your HVAC equipment to work harder to compensate for the loss by reducing home comfort.

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